“Legendary” Enzo Ferrari

We are filmmakers at heart and sometimes we are inspired by our own ideas.

The “Legendary” film started with the simple idea that I have always wanted to light a car.

Unfortunately, big lights in large spaces can become expensive. The truth is the same principles apply to lighting a small car as they would a big car.  If you can do one than you can most certainly do the other, you just have to increase the ratios. My plan became to purchase a model car and shoot it.

After a web search for the most beautiful cars of all time, the Ferrari 250 GTO caught my eye.  A few minutes on Ebay, and I found a nice looking model to shoot – “Buy it Now” and wait for it to arrive. 😉

Now, I just needed a story so that I could make a film of it.  I love emotion in films and feel the strongest films grab us by appealing to things that we can relate to within our own lives.

Ferrari’s are works of art, and Enzo Ferrari was the visionary legend behind the iconic cars.  I wanted the film to be melancholy but magnanimous – just as Enzo is no longer among us, yet his legacy still survives in his company.

The visual tone needed to have a magical dream like feel, so I decided to use Christmas string lights. Christmas is a magical time for many people and Christmas lights are synonymous with that magical feel.

The full frame look of the Canon 5D Mark III is simply stunning, and I felt it would let me really throw those string lights out of focus. As for lenses, I wanted to get in close so I decided to shot the film with a Canon 100mm macro 2.8 IS L and the Canon 24-70mm L version I.  I really wanted to have a continuous flow of movement, so I used a Kessler Cineslider for all the shots, save the still photo of Enzo which I later added movement in post.

Gabriel DiMarco of www.dimarcosound.com created a beautiful piece of music to compliment our film.  Love it!  Thanks Gabe.

We hope you enjoy it!!!

Click here to view the film

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