Do you want to see the journey of mushrooms?

When I was a young boy my Great Uncle owned a mushroom farm and sometimes after dinner I would ride along with him to check on the mushrooms. We would walk through the mushroom houses and my Uncle would look at the mushrooms, record temperatures, and adjust machines. It was a fun and somewhat spooky experience for me. One thing that struck me was that mushrooms like to grow in the dark, in fact they thrive in darkness! At that time the mushroom houses did not have fixed lighting, so we would walk through and checked on the mushrooms using flash lights. It was a dark, humid, eerie place filled with white mushrooms surrounded by a vast void of black!

The film is designed to show a brief journey of the mushrooms from the farm to your plate and is set to music with the intention of being run as a continuous loop on a convention booth television.

To view the video, please follow the link:

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